1 Definitions of Epiphyllum

The meaning of the word epiphyllum, the definition of Epiphyllum:

n. - A genus of cactaceous plants having flattened, jointed stems, and petals united in a tube. The flowers are very showy, and several species are in cultivation.

The word "epiphyllum" uses 10 letters: E H I L L M P P U Y

No direct anagrams for epiphyllum found in our database.

Shorter words found within epiphyllum:

eh el elhi ell elm elmy em emu he heil helium hell helm help hem hemp hempy hep hey hi hie hill hilly hilum him hip hippy hl hm hue hull hum hump humpy hup hymie hyp hype ie il ileum ill illume illy imp impel imply lei leppy leu ley li lie lieu lily lime limey limp limply limy lip lipe lippy lm lum lump lumpily lumpy lye lymph me mei mel mell mi mil mile mill mille ml mph mu muhly mule muley mull mulley my pe peh pel pep peplum phi phyle phylum pi pie pile pileum pileup pill pilule pily pimp pimple pimply pip pipe pipul pipy piu plie plum plume plump plumply plumy ply pul pule puli pull pulley pulp pulpily pulpy pump pup pupil pye uh um ump up uphill uppile ye yeh yell yelp yep yill yip yipe ylem yule yum yup yuppie

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