1 Definitions of Epiphyseal

The meaning of the word epiphyseal, the definition of Epiphyseal:

adj.pert - relating to the epiphysis of a bone

The word "epiphyseal" uses 10 letters: A E E H I L P P S Y

No direct anagrams for epiphyseal found in our database.

Shorter words found within epiphyseal:

ae ah ai ail ails ais aisle al ale alee aleph alephs ales alp alps als ape apes aphis apish apishly appel appels apple apples applies apply apse as ash ashy asleep asp ay aye ayes ays ease easel easily easy eel eels eely eh el elapse elhi els else epha ephas epilepsy es espial espy eyas eye eyelash eyes ha hae haes hail hails hale hales hap haply happily happy haps has hasp hay hays he heal heals heap heaps heel heels heil heils help helps hep hes hey hi hie hies hila hip hippy hips his hl hyla hylas hyp hype hypes hyps ie il ilea is islay isle la lah lap lapis laps lapse las lase lash lay lays lea leap leaps leas lease leash lee lees lei leis leppy ley leys li lie lies lip lipa lipase lipe lippy lips lis lisp lyase lye lyes lyse pa pah pail pails paise paisley pal pale pales palish palp palpi palps pals palship palsy paly pap paps pas pase pash pay payee payees pays payslip pe pea peal peals peas pease pee peel peels peep peeps pees peh pehs peise pel pele peles pep pepla peps pes phase phi phial phials phis phyla phylae phyle physa pi pia pial pias pie pies pile pilea piles pily pip pipal pipals pipe pipes pips pipy pis pish plash plashy play plays plea pleas please plie plies ply psi pya pyas pye pyes sae sail sal sale salep salp sap sappily sappy say sea seal see seel seely seep seepy sei sel selah sepal sepia sh sha shale shaley shaly shape shapely shay she shea sheal sheep sheila shiel shily ship shiplap shlep shlepp shy si sial sip sipe slap slay sleep sleepy slip slipe slippy sly slype spa spae spahee spahi spail spale spay speel speil spiel spile splay spy syli sylph syph ya yah yap yaps ye yea yeah yeas yeh yelp yelps yep yes yip yipe yipes yippee yips

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