1 Definitions of Episodical

The meaning of the word episodical, the definition of Episodical:

a. - Of or pertaining to an episode; adventitious.

The word "episodical" uses 10 letters: A C D E I I L O P S

No direct anagrams for episodical found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after episodical, or to episodical in any order:

h - acidophiles   m - diplomacies   r - periodicals  

Shorter words found within episodical:

ace aced aces acid acids acold ad ade adios adipic adipose ado ados ads ae ai aid aide aides aids ail ailed ails aioli aiolis ais aisle aisled al alcid alcids aldose ale alec alecs ales aliped alipeds aloe aloes alp alps als also ape aped apes apices apod apods apse as asci asdic aside aslope asp aspic cad cade cades cadi cadis cads caid caids calo calos cap cape caped capes capo capos caps capsid case cased cd cedi cedis ceil ceils cel celosia cels cep ceps ci ciao cilia cis cl clad clade clades clads clap claps clasp clasped clip clips clod clods clop clops close closed coal coaled coals cod coda codas code codeia codeias codes cods coed coeds coil coiled coils col cola colas cold colds cole colead coleads coled coles colies cols cop copal copals cope coped copes copied copies cops copse cos cosie cosied cps dace daces dailies dais dal dale dales dalo dals dap daps das de deal deals deasil dec decal decals deco decos deil deils del deli delis dels deposal despoil dial dials dice dices die diel dies diol diols dip diploe diploes diploic dipole dipoles dips dipso dis disa disc disci disciple disco dispel displace dl do doc docile docs doe does doilies dol dolce dolci dole doles dols dopa dopas dope dopes dos dose ed eds eidola eidolic eidos el elapid elapids eld elds els epic epical epics episcia episodic epos es escalop espial ic ice iced ices id idea ideal ideals ideas ides idesia idle idles idol idolise idols ids ie ii il ilea ileac ilia iliac iliad iliads iodic iodise is isle isled isolead la lac lace laced lacepod laces lacs lad lade lades ladies lads laic laicise laicised laics laid lap lapides lapis laps lapse lapsed las lase lased lea lead leads leap leaps leas led lei leipoa leis li liaise liaised lice lid lido lidos lids lie lied lies lii lip lipa lipase lipe lipid lipide lipides lipids lipoid lipoids lips lis lisp lisped lo load loads loca loci lode lodes lop lope loped lopes lops lose oca ocas od ode odea odes odic ods oe oedipal oes oidia oil oiled oils ola old oldie oldies olds ole olea oleic oles op opal opalise opals ope oped opes ops os ose pa pac pace paced paces pacs pad padi padis padle padles pads paid pail pails paise pal pale paled pales pals palsied pas pase paseo pdl pe pea peal peals peas peascod pec pecs ped pedal pedalo pedalos pedals pedocal pedocals peds pel pes peso pi pia pial pias pic pica pical picas pice pics pie pied pies pile pilea piled pilei piles pili pilis pilose pis pisco piso place placed places placid placoid placoids plaice plaices plaid plaids plea plead pleads pleas pled pleiad pleiads plica plicae plie plied plies ploce plod plods ploidies pod podia pods poi pois poise poised pol pole poled poleis poles police policed polices policies polies polis pols pose posed psi psoae psoai psocid sac sad sade sadi sae saice said sail sailed sal sale salep salic salp salpid sap sapid scad scald scale scaled scalp scalped scape scaped scold scop scopal scope scoped sea seal sec sedilia sei sel sepal sepaloid sepia sepic si sial sialic sialid sialoid sic sice side sidle sild silica silo siloed sip sipe siped slap sled slice sliced slid slide slip slipe sliped sloe sloid slop slope sloped so soap soaped social socle sod soda sodic soil soiled sol sola solace solaced sold soldi sole soled solei soli solid solidi sop spa space spaced spade spado spae spaed spail spale spec special sped speil spic spica spicae spice spiced spied spiel spile spiled splice spliced spode spoil spoiled

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