1 Definitions of Epithelial

The meaning of the word epithelial, the definition of Epithelial:

a. - Of or pertaining to epithelium; as, epithelial cells; epithelial cancer.

The word "epithelial" uses 10 letters: A E E H I I L L P T

No direct anagrams for epithelial found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after epithelial, or to epithelial in any order:

r - perithelial   s - philatelies  

Shorter words found within epithelial:

ae ah ai ail ait al ale alee aleph alit all allee alp alt ape aplite apt at ate eat eath eel eh el elate elhi elite ell epha epilate epithelia et eta etape eth ha hae haet hail hale halite hall halt hap haplite hat hate he heal heap heat heel heeltap heil hell help hep het hi hie hila hili hill hilt hip hit hl ie ii il ilea ileal ilia ilial ill illite it la lah laith lap lapel lat late lath lathe lathee lathi lati lea leal leap leapt lee leet lei lept lepta let lethal lethe li lie lii lilt lip lipa lipe lit litai lite lithe lithia pa pah pail pal pale palet pall pallet pat pate path pe pea peal peat pee peel peh pel pele pelite pellet pelt pet petal phalli phat phi phial philia pht pi pia pial pie pieta pile pilea pileate pilei pili pill pit pita pith plait plat plate plea pleat plie ta tae tael tail taille tale tali tall tap tape te tea teal tee teel tel tela telae tele telia telial tell tepa tepal thae thalli the thee thill ti tie til tile till tip tipi

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