1 Definitions of Epithelium

The meaning of the word epithelium, the definition of Epithelium:

n. - The superficial layer of cells lining the alimentary canal and all its appendages, all glands and their ducts, blood vessels and lymphatics, serous cavities, etc. It often includes the epidermis (i. e., keratin-producing epithelial cells), and it is sometimes restricted to the alimentary canal, the glands and their appendages, -- the term endothelium being applied to the lining membrane of the blood vessels, lymphatics, and serous cavities.

The word "epithelium" uses 10 letters: E E H I I L M P T U

No direct anagrams for epithelium found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after epithelium, or to epithelium in any order:

r - perithelium   s - epitheliums  

Shorter words found within epithelium:

eel eh el elemi elhi elite elm elute em eme emeu emit emu et eth etui he heel heil helium helm helmet help hem heme hemp hempie hep het hi hie hili hilt hilum him hip hit hl hm hue huipil hum hump hup hut ie ii il ileum ilium imp impel imphee impi impute it item lee leet lei lept let lethe letup leu li lie lieu lii lime limit limp limpet lip lipe lit lite lithe lithium litu lm lum lump lute me meet mei mel melt met mete meth mi mil mile milieu milt mite ml mph mu mule mut mute pe pee peel peh pel pele pelite pelmet pelt pet phi pht phut pi pie pile pilei pileum pili pit pith piu plie plum plume plutei pul pule puli put te tee teel teem tel tele telium temp tempeh tempi temple the thee them theme thump ti tie til tile time tip tipi tipu tui tule tulip tum tump tup uh ult um ump up uplit uptime ut utile

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