equipments is a valid word. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.

The word "equipments" uses 10 letters: E E I M N P Q S T U

No direct anagrams for equipments found in our database.

Shorter words found within equipments:

em eme emes emetin emetins emeu emeus emit emits empties emptins ems emu emus en ens ensue eq equine equines equip equipment equips equipt equites es et etui etuis ie imp impetus imps impute imputes in inept input inputs inquest ins inset inst instep is ism it item items its me meet meets mei men mense menu menus meq mesne mesquit mesquite met mete metes metis mi mien miens min mine mines mint mints minuet minuets minus minute minutes mis mise mispen mist mistune mite mites ms mu mun muni munis muns mus muse must mustee mut mute mutes mutine mutines muts ne nee neem neems neep neeps neist nest net nets neum neume neumes neums nim nims nip nips nit nite nites nits nm nu nus nut nuts pe pee peen peens pees pein peins peise pen penes penis pens pent pes pest pet pets pi pie pies pin pine pines pinetum pins pint pints pique piques piquet piquets pis piste pit pitmen pits piu psi puisne pun puniest puns punt punties punts pus put puts qi queen queens quest quiet quieten quietens quiets quin quins quint quinte quintes quints quip quips quit quite quits see seem seen seep sei seine seme semen semi sen sene sent sente senti sept septime septum sequent sequin set setup si sim simp sin sine sip sipe sit site situp smit smite smut snip snipe snit spent spin spine spinet spit spite spue spume spun squint steep stein stem step stime stipe stum stump stun stupe sue suet suint suit suite sum sump sun sup supe supine suq te tee teem teems teen teens tees temp tempi temps ten tens tense tenues tenuis ti tie ties time times tin tine tines tins tip tips tipu tis tsine tui tuis tum tump tumps tun tune tunes tuns tup tups um ump umps umpteen umteen un unit unite unites units unmeet unmet uns unset unstep untie unties up ups upsent upset uptime uptimes us use ut uts

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