7 Definitions of Equivalent

The meaning of the word equivalent, the definition of Equivalent:

n. - Something equivalent; that which is equal in value, worth, weight, or force; as, to offer an equivalent for damage done.

n. - That comparative quantity by weight of an element which possesses the same chemical value as other elements, as determined by actual experiment and reference to the same standard. Specifically: (a) The comparative proportions by which one element replaces another in any particular compound; thus, as zinc replaces hydrogen in hydrochloric acid, their equivalents are 32.5 and 1. (b) The combining proportion by weight of a substance, or the number expressing this proportion, in any particular compound; as, the equivalents of hydrogen and oxygen in water are respectively 1 and 8, and in hydric dioxide 1 and 16.

n. - A combining unit, whether an atom, a radical, or a molecule; as, in acid salt two or more equivalents of acid unite with one or more equivalents of base.

a. - Equal in wortir or value, force, power, effect, import, and the like; alike in significance and value; of the same import or meaning.

a. - Equal in measure but not admitting of superposition; -- applied to magnitudes; as, a square may be equivalent to a triangle.

a. - Contemporaneous in origin; as, the equivalent strata of different countries.

v. t. - To make the equivalent to; to equal; equivalence.

The word "equivalent" uses 10 letters: A E E I L N Q T U V

No direct anagrams for equivalent found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after equivalent, or to equivalent in any order:

s - equivalents  

Shorter words found within equivalent:

ae ai ail ain ait al ale alee alevin alien aline alit alive alt alunite alvine an ane anele ani anil anile ant ante anti antique anvil at ate aunt auntie ave avenue eat eaten eau eave eel el elain elan elate elative elint elite eluant eluate eluent elute eluvia eluviate en enate entail entia eq equal equate equine et eta etna etui eve even event eventual evil evite ie il ilea in inlet inula it iv iva la lain lane lat late lateen laten lati lav lave lea lean leant leave leaven lee leet lei lent let leu lev leva levant levin li liane lie lien lieu lieve lin line lineate lint liquate lit lite litu liv live liven luna lunate lune lunet lunt lute lutea lutein luv lv lvi na nae naevi nail naive naivete native nave navel ne neat nee net neve nevi nieve nil nit nite nival nu nut qat qi qua quai quail quaint quale quant quantile quat quate quean queen quiet quieten quilt quin quinate quinela quint quinta quintal quinte quit quite ta tae tael tail tain tale tali tan tau tav te tea teal tee teel teen tel tela telae tele telia ten tenail tenia teniae tequila ti tie til tile tin tine tinea tineal tui tule tun tuna tune tv ulan ulna ulnae ult ulva un unai unit unite unlet unlit unlive untie until unveil ut uta utile uvea uveal vail vain vale valent valet valine value van vane vat vatu vau vault vaunt vauntie veal veau vee veena veil vein veinal veinlet veinule veinulet vela velate vena venae venal venial vent ventail venue venula venule vet vi via vial vie vile vina vinal vine vineal vita vitae vital

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