1 Definitions of Erysipelas

The meaning of the word erysipelas, the definition of Erysipelas:

n. - St. Anthony's fire; a febrile disease accompanied with a diffused inflammation of the skin, which, starting usually from a single point, spreads gradually over its surface. It is usually regarded as contagious, and often occurs epidemically.

The word "erysipelas" uses 10 letters: A E E I L P R S S Y

No direct anagrams for erysipelas found in our database.

Shorter words found within erysipelas:

ae aerie aeries aerily aery ai ail ails air airless airs airy ais aisle aisles al ale alee ales alp alps als ape aper aperies apers apery apes apres apse apses apsis ar are ares ariel ariels aril arils arise arises arles ars arse arses arsis aryl aryls as asleep asp asper aspers asperse aspire aspires aspis asps ass ay aye ayes ays ear earl earless earls early ears ease easel easels eases easier easies easily easy eel eels eely eerily eery el elapse elapses els else er era eras erase erases ere ers erses es eses espalier espaliers espial espials espies espy ess essay essayer eyas eyases eye eyer eyers eyes eyra eyras eyre eyres eyrie eyries ie il ilea ira ire ireless ires is islay isle isles la lair lairs lap lapis lapises laps lapse lapser lapsers lapses lar laree larees lares lari laris lars las lase laser lasers lases lass lassie lay layer layers lays lea leap leaper leapers leaps lear lears leary leas lease leaser leasers leases lee leer leers leery lees lei leis leper lepers leresis less lesser ley leys li liar liars lie lier liers lies lip lipa lipase lipases lipe lips lira liras lire lis lisp lisper lispers lisps lyase lyases lye lyes lyre lyres lyse lyses lysis lyssa pa pail pails pair pairs paise paisley paisleys pal pale paler pales palier pals palsies palsy paly par pare pares pareses paresis paries paris parises parle parles parley parleys pars parse parses parsley parsleys pas pase pases pass passe passee passel passer pay payee payees payer payers pays pe pea peal peals pear pearl pearls pearly pears peas pease peases pee peel peels peer peers peery pees peise peises pel pele peles pelisse per perea pereia peri peril perils peris perse perses pes pessary pi pia pial pias pie pier piers pies pilar pilary pile pilea piles pily pis piss pisser play player players plays plea pleas please pleaser pleasers pleases plie plier pliers plies plisse ply plyer plyers praise praises prase prases pray prays pree prees presa presale prese press prey preys pries prise prises priss prissy pry psi psis pya pyas pye pyes pyre pyres rail rails raise raises rale rales rap rape rapes raps ras rase rases rasp rasps raspy rassle ray rayless rays re real reales realise realises reals reap reaps ree reel reels rees rei reis relapse relapses relay relays relies rely rep repass repay repays repeal repeals repel repels replay replays replies reply reps res resail resails resale resales resay resays reseal reseals resile resiles ria rial rials rias riel riels rile riles riley rip ripe ripely ripes rips rise rises riyal riyals rya ryas rye ryes sae sail sailer sailers sails sal sale salep saleps sales salp salps sals sap saps saree sarees sari saris say sayer sayers says sea seal sealer sealers sealery seals sear sears seas see seel seels seely seep seeps seepy seer seers sees sei seis seise seiser sel sels sepal sepals sepia sepias ser sera serai serail serails serais seral serape serapes sere seres serial serials series sers si sial sials sip sipe sipes sips sir sire siree sirees sires sirs sis sisal sise slap slaps slay slayer slayers slays sleep sleeps sleepy slier slip slipe slipes slips sly slyer slype slypes spa spae spaes spail spails spale spales spar spare sparely spares spars sparse sparsely spas spay spays spear spears speel speels speer speers speil speils speir speirs speise spiel spieler spielers spiels spier spiers spies spile spiles spiral spirals spire spirea spireas spires spiry splay splays spray sprays spree sprees spry spy sr sri sris syli sylis ya yap yaps yar yare ye yea year yearlies years yeas yelp yelper yelpers yelps yep yes yeses yip yipe yipes yips yr

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