1 Definitions of Eucaryotic

The meaning of the word eucaryotic, the definition of Eucaryotic:

adj.pert - having cells with `good' or membrane-bound nuclei

The word "eucaryotic" uses 10 letters: A C C E I O R T U Y

No direct anagrams for eucaryotic found in our database.

Shorter words found within eucaryotic:

accouter accoutre accrue ace acetic acre acrotic act actor acuity acute acuter ae aero aery ai air airt airy ait aortic ar arc arco arctic are areic arity art arty arui at ate aurei auric auto ay aye cacti car care caret cart carte cat cate cater cautery cay cc ceca cecity cerci ceria ceric cero cerotic cert ci ciao cicero circa cire cite citer city coact coat coater coati coca coir cor core coria cory cot cote coteau court couter coy coyer crate cretic croc croci cruciate cruet cry cue cur curacy curate cure curet curia curiae curie curio curite curt cut cute cuter cutey cutie ear eat eau ecru ecu er era erica erotic erotica eruct et eta etic etui euro eyra ic icaco ice icetray icy ie iota ira irate ire it oar oat oater oca occur ocrea oe or ora orate orc orca ore orectic ort otc otic our ourie out outcry outer outrace outre oy oyer race racy rat rate ratio rato raucity ray re react rec recco reccy recta recti recto recut rei ret retia ria rice riot rite roc roe rot rota rote roti roue rout route rue rut rya rye ryot ta tace taco tae tao tar tare taro taroc tau te tea tear teary tec terai ti tic tie tier tire tiro to toe toea tor tora torc tore tori toric tory tour toy toyer trace tray trey triac trice trio troy truce true try tui turaco tuyer tye tyer tyre tyro uraei urate uratic urea ureic uretic uric ut uta uteri ya yar yare ye yea year yet yeti yo yore you your yr yuca yucca yurt yurta

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