1 Definitions of Euphuistic

The meaning of the word euphuistic, the definition of Euphuistic:

a. - Belonging to the euphuists, or euphuism; affectedly refined.

The word "euphuistic" uses 10 letters: C E H I I P S T U U

No direct anagrams for euphuistic found in our database.

Shorter words found within euphuistic:

cep ceps cesti chest chi chip chips chis chit chits chute chutes ci cis cist cite cites cities cps cue cues cuish cup cups cusp cut cute cutes cutie cuties cutis cuts cutup cutups echt ecu ecus eh epic epics es et etch eth ethic ethics eths etic etui etuis euphuist he heist hep hes hest het hets hi hic hie hies hip hips his hist hit hits hue hues huic hup hut huts ic ice ices ich ichs iciest ictus ie ii is it itch itches its pct pe pec pech pechs pecs pectus peh pehs pes pest pet pets phi phis pht phut phuts pi pic pice pichi pics pie pies pis pish piste pit pitch pitches pith piths pities pits piu psi puce puces pus push put puts putsch schuit scup scut scute sec sect sei sepic sept septic set setup sh she ship shit shite shtup shut shute si sic sice sip sipe sit site sith situp spec spic spice spit spite spue step stich stipe stupe such sue suet suit suite sup supe te tec tech teuch the this thus ti tic tics tie ties tip tipi tipis tips tipu tis tui tuis tup tups tusche tush tushie uh up ups upset us use ut uts

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