1 Definitions of Evanescing

The meaning of the word evanescing, the definition of Evanescing:

p. pr. & vb. n. - of Evanesce

The word "evanescing" uses 10 letters: A C E E G I N N S V

No direct anagrams for evanescing found in our database.

Shorter words found within evanescing:

ace aces acing acne acnes ae aegis ag age agee agencies agene agenes ages agin agnise ai ain ains ais an ane anes ani anis anise as asci ave avenge avenges avens aves cage cages cain cains can cane canes canine canines caning cannie cans case casein casing cave caves cavie cavies caving cavings cease ceasing cee cees cense censing cgs ci cig cigs cine cines cis cive cv ease easing eave eaves egis en encage encages encase encasing encina encinas eng engine engines engs ens ensign envies envisage es eve even evening evenings evens eves evince evinces gae gaen gaes gain gains gan gane ganev ganevs gas gave gean gee gees gen gene genes geneva genevas genic genie genies gens gie gien gies gin gins give given givens gives ic ice ices ie in inane inanes incage incages incase incense inga inn inns ins insane is iv iva na nae naevi nag nagi nags naive naives nan nance nances nancies nans nave naves navies ne nee nene nenes neve neves nevi ng nice niece nieces nieve nieves nine nines sac sae sag sage saice sain sane sang saning save savin savine saving scag scan scavenge scena scene sea seance sec see seeing seen seg segni sei seine sen sene seneca senega sengi senna seven si sic sice siege sienna sieve sign signee sin since sine sing singe snag vac vacs vagi vain van vane vanes vang vangs vans vas vase vee veena veenas vees veg vegan vegans vegie vegies vein veins vena venae venge venges venin venine venines venins vesica vesicae vi via vice vices vie vies vig viga vigas vigs vina vinas vinca vincas vine vines vis visa visage vise

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