1 Definitions of Evidential

The meaning of the word evidential, the definition of Evidential:

a. - Relating to, or affording, evidence; indicative; especially, relating to the evidences of Christianity.

The word "evidential" uses 10 letters: A D E E I I L N T V

No direct anagrams for evidential found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after evidential, or to evidential in any order:

e - delineative  

Shorter words found within evidential:

ad ade adient adit advent ae aedile aedine ai aid aide ail ailed ain ait al ale alee alevin alien aliened aline alined alit alive alt alvine an and ane anele aneled ani anil anile ant ante anted anteed anti anvil anviled at ate ave avid avidin dal dale date dateline dative daven davit de deal dealt dean deave dee deet deil del delaine delate dele deli delt delta delve den dene deni denial dent dental dentil detail detain dev deva devein devel deviant deviate devil dial die diel diene diet dilate dilative din dine dint dit dita dite diva divalent divan dive divine dl eat eaten eave eaved ed edental edile edit eel eide el elain elan eland elate elated elative eld elide elint elite en enate end endite endive entail entailed entia envied et eta etna evade eve even event evident evil evite evited id idea ideal ideate ideative idle ie ii il ilea ilia iliad in indie indite inedita inia inlaid inlet inti invade invalid invital invite invited invitee it iv iva ivied la lad lade laden laid lain land lane lat late lated lateen laten latened lati lav lave laved lea lead leaden lean leaned leant leave leaved leaven led lede lee leet lei lend lenitive lent let lev leva levant levanted levied levin li liane lid lie lied lien lieve lii lin line lineate lineated lined lint lit litai lite liv live lived liven livened livid lv lvi lvii na nae naevi nail nailed naive naivete naled native nave navel ne neat nee need net neve nevi nidal nide nidi nieve nil nit nite nitid nival ta tad tae tael tail tailed tain tale tali tan tav te tea teal ted tee teed teel teen teiid teind tel tela telae tele telia ten tenail tend tenia teniae ti tidal tide tie tied til tilde tile tiled tin tine tinea tineal tined tineid tv vail vailed vain vale valent valet valeted valid valine van vane vaned vanitied vat veal vealed vee veena veil veiled vein veinal veined veinlet vela velate veld veldt vena venae venal vend venial vent ventail vented vet vi via vial vialed viand vide vie vied vii vile vina vinal vine vineal vined vita vitae vital

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