1 Definitions of Examinable

The meaning of the word examinable, the definition of Examinable:

a. - Capable of being examined or inquired into.

The word "examinable" uses 10 letters: A A B E E I L M N X

No direct anagrams for examinable found in our database.

Shorter words found within examinable:

aa aal ab aba abaxile abeam abele abelia abelian able ae ai ail aim ain al ala alae alan alane alb alba ale alee alexia alexin alexine alien aline alma alme am ama amain amble ameba amebae ameban amebean amelia amen amenable amenia ami amia amiable amie amin amine amnia an ana anal ane anele anemia ani anil anile anima animal anime ax axal axe axel axeman axemen axial axil axile axle axman axmen ba baa baal baalim bail bailee bal bale baleen balm bam ban banal bane bani be beam bean beanie bee been bel belie bema bemean bemix ben bename bene bi biaxal bile bima bin binal bine blae blain blam blame blin bm eel el elain elan elemi elm em email eme en enable enamel enema ex exam examen examine exile exine iamb ibex ie il ilama ilea ilex ilx in ix ixl la lab labia lain lam lama lamb lambie lame lamia lamiae lamina laminae lanai lane lax lb lea lean leben lee lei leman lex li liana liane lib lie lien lima liman limb limba lime limen limn lin line lm lx lxi ma mabe mae mail maile main male maline man mana mane mania manila max maxi me meal mealie mean meanie mei mel melaena melena men menial mi mib mien mil mile milneb min mina minable minae mine mineable minx mix mixable ml na nab nabe nae nail nam namable name nameable ne neb nee neem nema nib nil nim nimble nix nixe nm xenia xenial xi xl xli

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