3 Definitions of Exanimate

The meaning of the word exanimate, the definition of Exanimate:

a. - Lifeless; dead.

a. - Destitute of animation; spiritless; disheartened.

v. t. - To deprive of animation or of life.

The word "exanimate" uses 9 letters: A A E E I M N T X

No direct anagrams for exanimate found in our database.

Shorter words found within exanimate:

aa ae ai aim ain ait am ama amain amen amenia ament amentia ami amia amie amin amine amnia an ana ane anemia ani anima animate anime ant anta antae ante anti at ate atm atma atman ax axe axeman axemen axite axman axmen eat eaten em emanate eme emetin emit en enate enema enemata entia et eta etamin etamine etna ex exam examen examine exine exit ie in inmate it item ix ma mae main man mana manat manatee mane mania manta mat matai mate matin matinee max maxi me mean meanie meant meat meet mei men menta met meta mete mi mien min mina minae mine mint minx mite mix mixt na nae nam name ne neat nee neem nema net next nim nit nite nix nixe nm ta tae taenia taeniae tain tam tame tamein tan tax taxa taxeme taxi taximan taximen taxman taxmen te tea team tee teem teen ten tenia teniae ti tie time tin tine tinea xenia xi

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