2 Definitions of Excitation

The meaning of the word excitation, the definition of Excitation:

n. - The act of exciting or putting in motion; the act of rousing up or awakening.

n. - The act of producing excitement (stimulation); also, the excitement produced.

The word "excitation" uses 10 letters: A C E I I N O T T X

Direct anagrams of excitation:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after excitation, or to excitation in any order:

d - intoxicated   r - extrication   s - excitations intoxicates  

Shorter words found within excitation:

ace acetin acini acne aconite act actin action ae aeon aeonic ai ain ait an ane ani anoxic ant ante anti antic antitoxic at ate atone atonic atoxic att attic ax axe axenic axion axite axon axone axonic cain can cane canoe cant canto cat cate cation cattie cent centai cento ci ciao cine cion citation cite coat coati coax coin con cone coni conte context cot cotan cote cotta cottae cox coxa coxae cx eat en enact enatic entia eon et eta etic etna ex exact exaction excitant exciton exit exon exonic exotic exotica extant extinct ic ice icon ie ii in incite inexact inia intact inti into ion ionate ionic iota it ix ixc ixia na nae naoi ne neat neo net nett next nice nictate nit nite nix nixe nixie no noetic not nota notate note notice oat oaten oca ocean octan octane octant octet oe on once one ontic otc otic otitic ox oxen oxtant ta tace tacet tacit taco taconite tact taction tae tain taint tan tanto tao tat tate tax taxi taxite taxitic taxon te tea teat tec tecta ten tenia tent tet tetanic text ti tic tie tin tinct tine tinea tint tit titan titanic titi titian to toe toea toit ton tone tonetic tonic tot tote toxic toxicant toxin toxine xc xci xcii xenia xenic xi xii

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