1 Definitions of Exclaiming

The meaning of the word exclaiming, the definition of Exclaiming:

p. pr. & vb. n. - of Exclaim

The word "exclaiming" uses 10 letters: A C E G I I L M N X

No direct anagrams for exclaiming found in our database.

Shorter words found within exclaiming:

ace acing acini acme acne ae ag age agile agin ai ail ailing aim aiming ain al ale alec alexic alexin algin alien align aline alme am amen ami amice amici amie amin amine aminic amnic an ane anemic angel angelic angelim angle anglice ani anil anile anime animi ax axe axel axenic axil axile axing axle axmen cage cain calix calm calming calx cam came camel can cane ceil ceiling cel ci cig cilia cimex cine cinema cl clag claim claiming clam clan clang clean cleg climax climaxing clime cline cling clx cm cx cxl egal el elain elan elm em email emailing emic en eng enigma ex exam exclaim exilian exilic exiling gae gaen gain gal gale galenic gam game gamic gamin gamine gan gane gean gel gem geminal gen genial genic genii gie gien gimel gin glace glance gleam glean glen glia glim glime gm ic ice iceman icing ie ii il ilea ileac ilex ilia iliac ilx image imagine imine in incage inga ingle inia inlace ix ixc ixia ixl la lac lace lacing lag laic lain lam lame laming lance lane lang lax lcm lea lean leg legman lei leman lex lexica li liane liang lice lie lien ligan ligne lii lima limacine liman lime limen limina liming limn limnic lin linac linage line ling linga lingam lm lx lxi lxii ma mac mace macing macle mae mag mage magi magic mail maile mailing main male malic malice malign maline man mane mange mangel mangle manic max maxi mcg me meal mean meg mei mel melanic melic men menial mg mi mica mice mien mig mil milage mile milia min mina minae mince mine minge mingle mini minx mix mixing ml na nae nag nagi nail nam name ne nema ng nice nil nilgai nim nix nixe nixie nm xc xci xcii xcl xenia xenial xenic xi xii xl xli xlii

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