1 Definitions of Exegetical

The meaning of the word exegetical, the definition of Exegetical:

a. - Pertaining to exegesis; tending to unfold or illustrate; explanatory; expository.

The word "exegetical" uses 10 letters: A C E E E G I L T X

No direct anagrams for exegetical found in our database.

Shorter words found within exegetical:

ace act ae ag age agee agile aglee aglet ai aiglet ail ait al ale alec alee alexic alit alt at ate atelic ax axe axel axil axile axite axle cage calix calx cat cate cee ceil cel celt cete ci cig cite cl clag cleat cleg clit clx cx cxl eagle eaglet eat eclat eel egal egalite el elate elect elegiac elegit elite et eta etic ex exact exalt excel excite exec exegetic exile exit gae gait gal gale gat gate gee gel gelate gelati gelee gelt get geta gie gilt git glace glee gleet glia ic ice ictal ie il ilea ileac ilex ilx it ix ixc ixl ixtle la lac lace lag laic lat late latex lati lax lea lee leet leg legate legatee legit lei let lex lexica li lice lie liege ligate lit lite lx lxi ta tace tae tael tag tail talc tale tali tax taxi te tea teal tec tee teel teg tel tela telae tele telega telex telia telic ti tic tical tie til tile xc xci xcl xi xl xli

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