2 Definitions of Exhilarate

The meaning of the word exhilarate, the definition of Exhilarate:

v. t. - To make merry or jolly; to enliven; to animate; to gladden greatly; to cheer; as, good news exhilarates the mind; wine exhilarates a man.

v. i. - To become joyous.

The word "exhilarate" uses 10 letters: A A E E H I L R T X

No direct anagrams for exhilarate found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after exhilarate, or to exhilarate in any order:

d - exhilarated   s - exhilarates  

Shorter words found within exhilarate:

aa aah aal ae aerate aerial aerie aether ah aha ai ail air airt airth ait al ala alae alar alate ale alee alert alexia alit alt altar alter althea ar are area areae areal arete arhat aria ariel aril art artal artel at atar ate atelier athar atria atrial ax axal axe axel axial axil axile axite axle ear earl earth eat eater eath eel eh either el elate elater elhi elite er era ere et eta eth ether ex exalt exalter exert exhale exile exit extra ha haar hae haet hail hailer hair hale haler halite halt halter haltere hare harl hart hartal hat hate hater he heal healer hear heart heat heater heel heil heir helix her here hereat herl het hetaera hetaira hex hexer hi hiatal hie hila hilar hilt hire hit hl hr ie il ilea ilex ilx ira irate ire it ither ix ixl ixtle la laari lah lahar lair laith lar laree lari lariat lat late later latex lath lathe lathee lather lathi lathier lati latria lax laxer lea lear leather lee leer leet lehr lei let lethe lex li liar lie lier lira lire lit lite liter lithe lither litre lx lxi rah raia rail raita rale rat ratal rate ratel rath rathe rax re real realia reata ree reel reheat rei relate relax relet relit ret retail retax rete retia retial retie retile rex rhea ria rial riata riel rile rite ta tae tael tahr tail tailer taira tala talar tale taler tali tar tare tax taxa taxer taxi te tea teal tear tee teel tel tela telae tele telex telia terai thae thaler the thee their there thir thirl three ti tiara tie tier til tile tiler tire tirl trail tree trehala trial xi xl xli

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