1 Definitions of Exhumation

The meaning of the word exhumation, the definition of Exhumation:

n. - The act of exhuming that which has been buried; as, the exhumation of a body.

The word "exhumation" uses 10 letters: A E H I M N O T U X

No direct anagrams for exhumation found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after exhumation, or to exhumation in any order:

s - exhumations  

Shorter words found within exhumation:

ae aeon ah ahem ai aim ain ait am amen ament ami amie amin amine amino amnio amniote amount amu an ane ani anime anomie ant ante anthem anti at ate atm atom atone aunt auntie auto automen auxin ax axe axiom axion axite axmen axon axone eat eath eau eaux eh em emit emu en entia eon et eta etamin eth ethion etna etui ex exam exit exon exonumia ha hae haem haemin haen haet ham hame hant hao hat hate haunt haut haute he heat hem hematin hemin hen hent het hetman hex hi hie him hin hint hit hitman hm ho hoax hoe home hon hone hot hue hum human humane humate humin hun hunt hut ie in inhume inmate into ion ionate iota it item ix ma mae mahoe mahout main man mane manihot manito manitou manitu mano mat mate math matin maun maut max maxi me mean meant meat mei men meno menta menu meou met meta meth mho mi miaou mien min mina minae minah mine mint minuet minute minx mite mithan mix mixt mo moa moan moat mon monie monte month mot mote moth moue mount mouth moxa moxie mu mun muni muon mut mute mutine muton na nae nah nam name naoi ne neat neath nema neo net neum next nim nit nite nix nixe nm no noh nom noma nome nomia not nota note notum nth nu nut oat oaten oath oe oh ohia ohm om omen omenta omit on one onium out outman ox oxen oxim oxime ta tae tain tam tame tamein tan tao tau tauon tax taxi taximen taxmen taxon te tea team ten tenia thae than thane the thein them then thin thine thio tho thou ti tie time tin tinamou tine tinea to toe toea tom toman tome ton tone toxemia toxin toxine tui tum tun tuna tune tux uh um un unai unhat unit unite unmet unmix unmixt untame untie unto ut uta xenia xi xu

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