2 Definitions of Exorbitant

The meaning of the word exorbitant, the definition of Exorbitant:

a. - Departing from an orbit or usual track; hence, deviating from the usual or due course; going beyond the appointed rules or established limits of right or propriety; excessive; extravagant; enormous; inordinate; as, exorbitant appetites and passions; exorbitant charges, demands, or claims.

a. - Not comprehended in a settled rule or method; anomalous.

The word "exorbitant" uses 10 letters: A B E I N O R T T X

No direct anagrams for exorbitant found in our database.

Shorter words found within exorbitant:

ab abet abettor abient abo abort abri ae aeon aero ai ain air airn airt ait an ane ani ant ante anti antre ar arb are aroint art at ate atone atoner att attire attorn ax axe axion axite axon axone ba bairn bait baiter ban bane bani banter bar bare barite baritone barn baron baronet bat bate baton batt batten batter battier be bean beano bear beat ben bent bet beta betatron beton betta bettor bi bier bin binate bine bint bio biont biota biretta bit bite biter bitt bitten bitter bittern bo boa boar boart boat boater boite bone boner bonier bonita bonxie bora borane borate borax bore born borne bornite bort bot bota bott box boxer boxier bra brae brain bran brant brat bren brent brie brin brine brio brit britt bro ear earn eat ebon en entia eon er era ern et eta etna ex exabit exit exon extant extort extra ibex ie in inert inro inter into intort intreat intro ion ionate iota ira irate ire iron irone it iterant ix ixora na nab nabe nae naoi natter nattier ne near neat neb neo nerita net nett next nib niobate nit nite niter nitrate nitre nitro nix nixe no nob noir nor nori noria norite not nota notate note noter oar oat oaten oater obe obi obia obit obtain obtainer oe on one or ora orate orb orbit ore orient ornate ort ottar otter ox oxen oxtant oxter rain ran rani rant rat rate ratine ratio ration ratite rato ratten ratton rax rbi re reb rebait rebato reboant rei rein rent reobtain ret retain retax retia retina retint rex ria riant rib rin riot rite roan rob robe robin roe rot rota rotate rote roti rotte rotten ta tab taber tabi tabor taboret taborin taborine tae tain taint tan tanto tao tar tare tarn taro tarot tart tat tate tater tax taxer taxi taxite taxon te tea teabox tear teat ten tenia tenor tent terabit terai terbia tern tertian tet tetra tetri text ti tie tier tin tine tinea tint tinter tire tiro tit titan titer titre to toe toea toit ton tone toner tonier tor tora tore tori torn tort torte torten tot tote toter toxin toxine train trait treat tret tribe trine trio trite triton tritone troat trona trone trot xenia xi

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