2 Definitions of Expandible

The meaning of the word expandible, the definition of Expandible:

adj.all - (of gases) capable of expansion

adj.all - able to expand or be expanded

The word "expandible" uses 10 letters: A B D E E I L N P X

No direct anagrams for expandible found in our database.

Shorter words found within expandible:

ab abed abele abide able ad ade ae aedile aedine ai aid aide ail ailed ain al alb ale alee alexin alexine alien aliened aline alined aliped alp alpine an and ane anele aneled ani anil anile ape aped apex ax axe axed axel axil axile axle axled ba bad bade bail bailed bailee bal bald bale baled baleen ban band bane baned bani bap be bead beadle bean beaned beanie bed bedel bedpan bee been beep bel beleap belie belied ben bend bene bi bid bide bield bile bin binal bind bindle bine biped bipedal biplane blade blae blain bland bled bleed bleep blend blende blin blind blip bpi dab dal dale dap de deal dean deb debile dee deep deil del delaine dele deli den dene deni deniable denial deplane dex dexie dial dib die diel diene din dine dip diplex dl ed edible edile eel eide el elain elan eland elapid elapine eld elide en enable enabled end ex exile exiled exine expand expel expend expiable explain explained ibex id idea ideal idle ie il ilea ilex ilx in index ix ixl la lab lad lade laden laid lain land lane lap lapin lax lb lea lead leaden lean leaned leap leaped leben led lede lee lei lend lex li liane lib lid lie lied lien lin line lined lip lipa lipe lx lxi na nab nabe nae nail nailed naled nap nape ne neap neb nee need neep nib nidal nide nil nip nipa nix nixe nixed pa pad padi padle paid pail pain pained pal pale paled pan pane paned panel paneled pax pdl pe pea peal pealed pean peba ped pedal pee peed peel peen pein peined pel pele pen penal pend penial penile pi pia pial pian pibal pie piebald pied pile pilea piled pin pina pine pineal pined pix pixel plaid plain plained plan plane planed plea plead pleb plebe plebeian pled pleiad plena plie plied xenia xenial xi xl xli

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