2 Definitions of Expatriate

The meaning of the word expatriate, the definition of Expatriate:

v. t. - To banish; to drive or force (a person) from his own country; to make an exile of.

v. t. - Reflexively, as To expatriate one's self: To withdraw from one's native country; to renounce the rights and liabilities of citizenship where one is born, and become a citizen of another country.

The word "expatriate" uses 10 letters: A A E E I P R T T X

No direct anagrams for expatriate found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after expatriate, or to expatriate in any order:

d - expatriated   s - expatriates  

Shorter words found within expatriate:

aa ae aerate aerie ai air airt ait apar apart apatite ape aper aperea apex apt apter apteria ar are area areae arete aria arietta ariette art at atap atar ate atria atrip att attar attire ax axe axite ear eat eater er era ere et eta etape ex exert exit expat expatiate expert expiate expire extirpate extra ie ira irate ire it iterate ix pa pair par para parae pare part partita partite pat pate pater pattee patter pattie pax pe pea pear peart peat peatier pee peer per perea pereia peri pert pet peter petit petite petter petti pettier pi pia pie pier pieta pirate pit pita pitta pix prat prate pree pretax pretext prex raia raita rap rape rapt rat rate ratite rax re reap reata ree rei rep repeat ret retape retax rete retia retie rex ria riata rip ripe rite ta tae taira tap tapa tape taper tapeta tapir tar tare tarp tart tat tatar tate tater tax taxa taxer taxi taxite te tea tear teat tee tepa terai tet tetra tetri text ti tiara tie tier tip tire tit titer titre trait trap trapt treat tree tret trip tripe trite xi

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