1 Definitions of Expiratory

The meaning of the word expiratory, the definition of Expiratory:

a. - Pertaining to, or employed in, the expiration or emission of air from the lungs; as, the expiratory muscles.

The word "expiratory" uses 10 letters: A E I O P R R T X Y

No direct anagrams for expiratory found in our database.

Shorter words found within expiratory:

ae aero aery ai air airer airport airt airy ait ape aper apery apex aport apt apter apteryx ar are arity art artery artier arty at ate atop atopy atrip ax axe axite ay aye ear eat epitaxy epoxy er era err et eta ex exit expat expiator expiatory expiry expo export extra extropy eyra eyrir ie iota ira irate irater ire it ix ixora oar oat oater oe op ope opera opiate opt or ora orate oratrix ore orra ort oryx ox oxter oxy oy oyer pa pair par pare pareo parer parity parr parrot parroty parry part partier party partyer pat pate pater patio paty pax pay payer payor pe pea pear peart peat peaty per peri peroxy perry pert pet pi pia pie pier pierrot pieta piety pirate pit pita pity pix pixy poet poetry poi pore port porta porter portray pot pox praetor prao prat prate prater pray prayer preriot pretax pretor prex prexy prey prier prior priorate priory pro proa prorate protea protei prox proxy pry pryer pya pye pyre pyrexia pyrite pyx pyxie rap rape raper rapier rapt raptor rare rarity rat rate rater ratio rato rax ray re reap rear rei rep repair repay repo report repot repro ret retax retia retiary retro retry rex ria riot rioter rip ripe riper rite roar roe rope roper ropery ropey ropier ropy rot rota rotary rote roti rya rye ryot ta tae tao tap tape taper tapir tar tare taro tarp tarre tarry tax taxer taxi te tea teapoy tear teary tepa tepoy terai terra terry ti tie tier tip tire tiro to toe toea top tope toper topi topiary tor tora tore tori torr tory toy toyer trap tray trey trier trio trip tripe trop trope troy try tye tyer type typier typo tyre tyro xi ya yap yar yare yarer ye yea year yep yet yeti yip yipe yirr yo yore yr

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