1 Definitions of Explicator

The meaning of the word explicator, the definition of Explicator:

n. - One who unfolds or explains; an expounder; an explainer.

The word "explicator" uses 10 letters: A C E I L O P R T X

No direct anagrams for explicator found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after explicator, or to explicator in any order:

s - explicators   y - explicatory  

Shorter words found within explicator:

ace acre act actor ae aero ai ail air airt ait al ale alec alert alexic alit aloe aloetic alp alt alter alto aortic ape aper apex aplite aport apricot aprotic apt apter ar arc arco are areic ariel aril art artel article at ate atelic atole atop atopic atoxic atrip ax axe axel axil axile axite axle caliper calix calo calorie caltrop calx cap cape caper capitol caplet capo capote capriole captor car care caret carex cariole carl carle carol caroli carp carpel carpet carpi cart carte cartel cartop cat cate cater ceil cel celt ceorl cep ceria cero cert ci ciao cire cite citer citola citole citral cl clap clapt claret claro clear cleat clept clip clipt clit clop clot clx coal coaler coalier coalpit coapt coat coater coati coax coaxer coil coiler coir coital col cola cole colt colter cop copal copalite cope coper copier copra copter cor coral core coria corp cortex cot cote cox coxa coxae coxal crap crape crate crept cripe crop crotal cx cxl ear earl eat eclair eclat ectopia el epact epic epical epilator er era erica erotic erotica erotical et eta etic ex exact exactor exalt excitor exit exocarp exotic exotica expat expiator exploit expo export extol extra extropic ic ice ictal ie il ilea ileac ilex ilx iota ira irate ire it ix ixc ixl ixora ixtle la lac lace lacer lacier laic lair lap lar lari lat late later latex lati lax laxer lea leap leapt lear lector lei leipoa lepiota leprotic lept lepta lerot let lex lexica li liar lice lictor lie lier lip lipa lipe lira lire lirot lit lite liter litre lo loca locate locater loci loir loiter lop lope loper lore lorica loricae loricate lot lota loti lotic lox lx lxi oar oat oater oca ocrea octal oe oil oiler ola ole olea oleic op opal ope opera operatic opiate opt optic optical or ora oracle oral orate orc orca ore oriel orle ort otc otic ox oxalic oxcart oxlip oxtail oxter pa pac pace pacer pact pail pair pal pale paler palet palier palter par parcel pare pareo paretic parle parol parole parotic part particle pat pate pater patio patrol pax pct pe pea peal pear pearl peart peat pec pectoral pel peloria peloric pelota pelt per peri peril pert pet petal petiolar petrol petrolic pi pia pial pic pica pical picaro pice picot picrate pie pier pieta pilar pile pilea pilot piolet pirate pit pita pix pixel place placer placet plaice plait plaiter plat plate plater platier plea pleat plectra plexor plica plicae plicate plie plier ploce plot poet poetic poetical poi poitrel pol polar pole poleax polecat poler police polite politer porc pore port porta portal pot pox prao prat prate preact precoital prelatic pretax prex price pro proa prolate prole prolix protea protei prox race rail rale rap rape rapt rat rate ratel ratio rato rax re react real reap rec recap recital recoal recoil recta rectal recti recto rei relax relic relict relit reoil rep replica replot repo repot ret retail retax retia retial rex ria rial rialto rice rictal riel rile riot rip ripe rite roc roe roil role rope rot rota rote roti rotl ta tace taco tae tael tail tailer tailor talc tale taler tali tao tap tape taper tapir tar tare taro taroc tarp tax taxer taxi te tea teal tear tec tel tela telco telia telic teloi tepa tepal terai ti tic tical tie tier til tile tiler tip tire tirl tiro to toe toea toecap toil toile toiler tola tolar tole top tope toper topi topic topical tor tora torc tore tori toric toxic toxical trace trail trap triac trial trice trio triol trip tripe triple triplex trop trope tropic tropical xc xci xcl xeric xerotic xi xl xli

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