1 Definitions of Exploitive

The meaning of the word exploitive, the definition of Exploitive:

adj.all - tending to exploit or make use of

The word "exploitive" uses 10 letters: E E I I L O P T V X

No direct anagrams for exploitive found in our database.

Shorter words found within exploitive:

eel el elite elope et etoile eve evil evite ex exile exit expel exploit expo extol ie ii il ilex ilx iolite it iv ix ixl ixtle lee leet lei lept let lev levo lex li lie lieve lii lip lipe lit lite liv live lo lop lope lot loti love lox lv lvi lvii lx lxi lxii lxiv lxv lxvi lxvii oe oil ole olive op ope opt ox oxlip pe pee peel pel pele pelite pelt pet petiole pi pie pile pilei pili pilot piolet pit pivot pix pixel pixie plie plot poet poi pol pole polite pot pox te tee teel tel tele telex teloi ti tie til tile tip tipi to toe toil toile tole top tope topee topi tv vee veep veil vet veto vex vexil vext vi vie vii vile viol violet voe voile vole volt volte volti vote vox xi xii xiv xl xli xlii xliv xlv xlvi xlvii xv xvi xvii

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