1 Definitions of Exportable

The meaning of the word exportable, the definition of Exportable:

a. - Suitable for exportation; as, exportable products.

The word "exportable" uses 10 letters: A B E E L O P R T X

No direct anagrams for exportable found in our database.

Shorter words found within exportable:

ab abele abet able abler abo abort ae aero aerobe al alb ale alee alert aloe alp alt alter alto ape aper apex aport apt apter ar arb are areole arete art artel at ate atole atop ax axe axel axle ba bal bale baler bap bar bare bat bate be bear beat beater bee beep beer beet bel beleap beleapt belt belter berate beret beroe bet beta betel blae blare blat blate blear bleat bleater bleep blet bloat bloater blot bo boa boar boart boat boatel boater bola bolar bole bolete bolt bolter bop bora boral borate borax bore boreal bort bot bota botel box boxer bra brae brat bree bro ear earl earlobe eat eater eel el elate elater elope eloper er era ere et eta etape ex exalt exalter exert exorable expat expel expert explore expo export extol extra la lab labor labret lap lar laree lat late later latex lax laxer lb lea leap leaper leapt lear lee leer leet leper lept lepta lerot let lex lo lob lobar lobate lobe lop lope loper lore lot lota lox lx oar oat oater obe oblate oe ola ole olea oleate op opal ope opera operable operate opt or ora oral orate orb ore orle ort ox oxter pa pal pale paler palet palter par pare pareo parle parol parole parolee part pat pate pater patrol pax pe pea peal pear pearl peart peat peba pee peel peer pel pele pelota pelt pelter per perea pert pet petal peter petrale petrel petrol plat plate plater plea pleat pleater pleb plebe plexor plot poet pol polar pole poleax poleaxe poler pore port porta portable portal pot potable pox prao prat prate pree prelate pretax prex pro proa probate probe prolate prole protea prox rale rap rape rapt rat rate ratel rato rax re real reap reb rebate rebato rebel rebop ree reel relate relax relet rep repeal repeat repel replate replot repo repot ret retable retape retax rete rex rob robe roble roe role ropable rope rot rota rote rotl ta tab taber table tabor tae tael tale taler tao tap tape taper tar tare taro tarp tax taxer te tea teabox teal tear tee teel tel tela telae tele telex tepa tepal to toe toea tola tolar tole top tope topee toper tor tora tore trap treble tree trop trope xl

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