1 Definitions of Extendable

The meaning of the word extendable, the definition of Extendable:

adj.all - capable of being lengthened

The word "extendable" uses 10 letters: A B D E E E L N T X

No direct anagrams for extendable found in our database.

Shorter words found within extendable:

ab abed abele abet able ad ade ae al alb ale alee alt an and ane anele aneled ant ante anted anteed at ate ax axe axed axel axle axled ba bad bade bal bald bale baled baleen ban band bandelet bandlet bane baned bat bate bated be bead beadle bean beaned beat beaten bed bedel bee been beet beetle beetled bel belated belt belted ben bend bendee bene bent bet beta betaxed betel blade blae bland blat blate bleat bleated bled bleed blend blende blent blet dab dal dale date de deal dealt dean deb debate debt dee deet del delate dele delete delt delta den dene dent dental dex dl eat eaten ed edental eel el elan eland elate elated eld en enable enabled enate end et eta etna ex exalt exalted extend la lab lad lade laden land lane lat late lated lateen laten latened latex lax lb lea lead leaden lean leaned leant leben led lede lee leet lend lent let lex lx na nab nabe nae naled ne neat neb nee need needle net next ta tab table tabled tad tae tael tale tan tax taxed te tea teal ted tee teed teel teen tel tela telae tele telex telexed ten tenable tend xl

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