3 Definitions of Extraction

The meaning of the word extraction, the definition of Extraction:

n. - The act of extracting, or drawing out; as, the extraction of a tooth, of a bone or an arrow from the body, of a stump from earth, of a passage from a book, of an essence or tincture.

n. - Derivation from a stock or family; lineage; descent; birth; the stock from which one has descended.

n. - That which is extracted; extract; essence.

The word "extraction" uses 10 letters: A C E I N O R T T X

No direct anagrams for extraction found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after extraction, or to extraction in any order:

i - extrication   s - extractions  

Shorter words found within extraction:

ace acetin acne aconite acorn acre act actin action actor ae aeon aeonic aero ai ain air airn airt ait an ane ani anoretic anorexic anoxic ant ante anti antic antre aortic ar arc arco are areic aroint art at ate atone atoner atonic atoxic att attic attire attorn ax axe axenic axion axite axon axone axonic cain cairn can cane caner canoe cant canter canto cantor car care caret carex carn carnet carnie carnotite carotin cart carte carton cat cate cater cation cattie cattier cent centai cento centra ceratin ceria cero cert certain ci ciao cine cion cire citator cite citer citrate citron cittern coat coater coati coax coaxer coin coiner cointer coir con cone coni conte context contra contrite cor core coria corn cornea cornet cortex cortin cortina cot cotan cote cotta cottae cottar cotter cottier cox coxa coxae cran crane crate craton creatin creation cretin crone cx ear earn eat en enact enactor enatic entia entric eon er era erica ern erotic erotica et eta etic etna ex exact exaction exactor excitant exciton excitor exit exon exonic exotic exotica extant extinct extort extra extract ic ice icon ie in inert inexact inro intact inter interact into intort intreat intro ion ionate iota ira irate ire iron irone it iterant ix ixc ixora na nacre nae naoi narc narco naric natter nattier ne near neat nectar neo nerita net nett next nice nicer nictate nit nite niter nitrate nitre nitro nix nixe no noetic noir nor nori noria norite not nota notate note noter notice noticer oar oat oaten oater oca ocean ocrea octan octane octant octet oe on once one ontic or ora orate orc orca orcein orcin ore orient ornate ort otc otic ottar otter ox oxcart oxen oxtant oxter race racon rain ran rance rani rant rat rate ratine ratio ration ratite rato ratten ratton rax re react reaction rec recant recoin recon recta recti recto rei rein rent ret retain retax retia retina retint rex ria riant rice ricotta rin riot rite roan roc roe rot rota rotate rote roti rotte rotten ta tace tacet tacit taco taconite tacrine tact taction tae tain taint tan tanrec tanto tantric tao tar tare tarn taro taroc tarot tart tat tate tater tax taxer taxi taxite taxon te tea tear teat tec tecta tectrix ten tenia tenor tent terai tern tertian tet tetanic tetra tetri text ti tic tie tier tin tinct tine tinea tint tinter tire tiro tit titan titer titre to toe toea toit ton tone toner tonetic tonic tonier tor tora torc tore tori toric torn tort torte torten tot tote toter toxic toxicant toxin toxine trace tract traction train trait trance treat tret triac trice tricot trine trio trite triton tritone troat trona trone trot xc xci xenia xenic xeric xerotic xi

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