1 Definitions of Exuviated

The meaning of the word exuviated, the definition of Exuviated:

imp. & p. p. - of Exuviate

The word "exuviated" uses 9 letters: A D E E I T U V X

Direct anagrams of exuviated:


Shorter words found within exuviated:

ad ade adieu adieux adit ae ai aid aide ait at ate audit ave avid ax axe axed axite date dative daut dautie davit de deave dee deet dev deva deviate dex dexie die diet dit dita dite diva dive due duet dui duit duvet eat eau eaux eave eaved ed edit eide et eta etude etui evade eve evite evited ex exit exited exudate exude exuvia exuviae exuviate id idea ideate ie it iv iva ix ta tad tae tau tav tax taxed taxi taxied te tea ted tee teed ti tide tie tied tui tux tv ut uta uvea vat vatu vau veau vee vet vex vexed vext vi via vide vie vied vita vitae xi xiv xu xv xvi

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