1 Definitions of Eyeglasses

The meaning of the word eyeglasses, the definition of Eyeglasses:

noun.artifact - optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision

The word "eyeglasses" uses 10 letters: A E E E G L S S S Y

No direct anagrams for eyeglasses found in our database.

Shorter words found within eyeglasses:

ae ag age agee ageless ages aglee agley agly al ale alee ales als as ass asses ay aye ayes ays eagle eagles ease easel easels eases easy eel eels eely egal el elegy els else es eses ess essay essays esses eyas eyases eye eyeglass eyeless eyes gae gaes gal gale gales gals gas gases gasless gasses gassy gay gays gee gees geese gel gelee gelees gels gey glass glasses glassy glee glees gley gleys la lag lags las lase lases lass lasses lay lays lea leas lease leases lee lees leg leges legs less lessee lessees ley leys lyase lyases lye lyes lyse lyses lyssa lyssas sae sag sage sagely sages sags sagy sal sale sales sals sass sassy say says sea seal seals seas see seel seels seely sees seg segs sel sels sess slag slags slay slays sly ya ye yea yeas yes yeses yesses

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