15 Definitions of Fat

The meaning of the word fat, the definition of Fat:

n. - A large tub, cistern, or vessel; a vat.

n. - A measure of quantity, differing for different commodities.

n. - An oily liquid or greasy substance making up the main bulk of the adipose tissue of animals, and widely distributed in the seeds of plants. See Adipose tissue, under Adipose.

n. - The best or richest productions; the best part; as, to live on the fat of the land.

n. - Work. containing much blank, or its equivalent, and, therefore, profitable to the compositor.

a. - To make fat; to fatten; to make plump and fleshy with abundant food; as, to fat fowls or sheep.

superl. - Abounding with fat

superl. - Fleshy; characterized by fatness; plump; corpulent; not lean; as, a fat man; a fat ox.

superl. - Oily; greasy; unctuous; rich; -- said of food.

superl. - Exhibiting the qualities of a fat animal; coarse; heavy; gross; dull; stupid.

superl. - Fertile; productive; as, a fat soil; a fat pasture.

superl. - Rich; producing a large income; desirable; as, a fat benefice; a fat office; a fat job.

superl. - Abounding in riches; affluent; fortunate.

superl. - Of a character which enables the compositor to make large wages; -- said of matter containing blank, cuts, or many leads, etc.; as, a fat take; a fat page.

v. i. - To grow fat, plump, and fleshy.

The word "fat" uses 3 letters: A F T

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Words formed by adding one letter before or after fat, or to fat in any order:

c - fact   d - daft   e - fate feat feta   h - haft   i - fiat   l - flat   r - fart frat raft   s - fast fats   u - tufa   w - waft  

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at fa ft ta

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