1 Definitions of Feracity

The meaning of the word feracity, the definition of Feracity:

n. - The state of being feracious or fruitful.

The word "feracity" uses 8 letters: A C E F I R T Y

No direct anagrams for feracity found in our database.

Shorter words found within feracity:

ace acetify acre act ae aerify aery afire afrit aft after ai air airt airy ait ar arc are areic arf arity art arty at ate ay aye cafe car care caret cart carte cat cate cater cay ceria cert certify cf ci cire cite citer city craft crafty crate cry ear eat ef eft er era erica et eta etic eyra fa face facer facet fact faery fair fairy far farce farci farcie farcy fare fart fat fate fay fear feat fer feria ferity fet feta fey fiacre fiar fiat fice fie fiery fir fire fit fracti frae frat fray fret frit fry ft fyce ic ice icetray icy ie if ira irate ire it race racy raft rat rate ratify ray re react rec recta recti rectify ref refit reft rei reif reify ret retia ria rice rif rife rift rite rya rye ta tace tae tar tare te tea tear teary tec terai ti tic tie tier tire trace tray tref trey triac trice try tye tyer tyre ya yar yare ye yea year yet yeti yr

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