1 Definitions of Fireclay

The meaning of the word fireclay, the definition of Fireclay:

noun.substance - a heat-resistant clay

The word "fireclay" uses 8 letters: A C E F I L R Y

No direct anagrams for fireclay found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after fireclay, or to fireclay in any order:

s - fireclays  

Shorter words found within fireclay:

ace acre acyl ae aerify aerily aery afire ai ail air airy al ale alec alef alif ar arc are areic arf ariel aril aryl ay aye cafe calf calif car care carl carle cay ceil cel ceria cf ci cire cl clarify clary clay clayier clear clef cry ear earl early eclair ef el elf er era erica eyra fa face facer facile faery fail fair fairly fairy far farce farci farcie farcy fare farl farle fay feal fear fecal fecial fer feral feria ferial ferly fey fiacre fiar fice fie fiery fil fila filar file filer fir fire flair flare flay flayer flea fley flic flier fly flyer frae frail fray fry fyce ic ice icy ie if il ilea ileac ira ire la lac lace lacer lacey lacier lacy laic lair lar lari lay layer lea leaf leafy lear leary lei ley li liar lice lie lief lier life lifer lira lire lycea lye lyre lyric race racily racy rail rale ray re real rec ref refly rei reif reify relay relic rely ria rial rice riel rif rife rifely rifle rile riley riyal rya rye ya yar yare ye yea year yr

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