1 Definitions of Flatiron

The meaning of the word flatiron, the definition of Flatiron:

n. - An iron with a flat, smooth surface for ironing clothes.

The word "flatiron" uses 8 letters: A F I L N O R T

Direct anagrams of flatiron:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after flatiron, or to flatiron in any order:

e - reflation   s - flatirons inflators  

Shorter words found within flatiron:

afrit aft ai ail ain air airn airt ait al alif alit aloft aloin alt alto an ani anil ant anti ar arf aril aroint art at fa fail fain faint fair fan fano far farl faro fart fat fiar fiat fil fila filar filo fin final fino fir firn fit flair flan flat flint flirt flit float flora florin flota foal foil foin folia foliar fon font fontal for fora forint fort frail frat frit fro front frontal ft if il in info infra inro into intro ion iota ira iron it la lain lair lar lari larn lat lati latino li liar lift lin lino lint lion lira lirot lit lo loaf loan loft loin loir lontar loran lorn lot lota loti na naif nail naoi nil nit nitro no noil noir nor nori noria not nota notal oaf oar oat of oft oil ola on or ora oral ort raft rail rain ran rani rant rat ratio ration ratlin rato ria rial rialto riant rif rift rin riot roan roil rolf rot rota roti rotl ta tail tailor tain tali talion talon tan tao tar tarn taro ti til tin tirl tiro to toil tola tolan tolar ton tonal tor tora tori torn trail train trial trinal trio triol trona

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