frigates is a valid word. For a definition, see the external dictionary links below.

The word "frigates" uses 8 letters: A E F G I R S T

No direct anagrams for frigates found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after frigates, or to frigates in any order:

d - driftages   e - figeaters   h - gearshift   i - gratifies   u - fruitages   w - giftwares  

Shorter words found within frigates:

ae aegir aegis afire afrit afrits aft after afters ag age ageist ager agers ages agist ai aigret aigrets air airest airs airt airts ais ait aits ar are ares arf arfs arise ars arse art arts as aster astir at ate ates ear ears east eat eats ef efs eft efts egis er era eras erg ergs ers erst es et eta etas fa fag fags fair fairest fairs far fare fares fart farts fas fast faster fat fate fates fats fear fears feast feat feats feist fer feria ferias fet feta fetas fets fiar fiars fiat fiats fie fiesta fig figs fir fire fires firs first fist fit fits frae frag frags fraise frat frats fret frets fries frig frigate frigs frise frit frits ft gae gaes gait gaiter gaiters gaits gar gari gars gas gast gaster gat gate gates gats gear gears gest get geta getas gets gie gies gift gifts girt girts gist git gits graft grafts grat grate grates gratis great greats grief griefs grift grifts grist grit grits ie if ifs ira irate ire ires is it its raft rafts rag rage rages ragi ragis rags raise ras rase rat rate rates rats re ref refit refits refs reft reg regs rei reif reifs reis res resift rest ret retag retags retia rets ria rias rif rife rifest rifs rift rifts rig rigs rise rite rites sae safe safer sag sage sager sagier sarge sari sat sate sati satire sea seagirt sear seat seg sei seif ser sera serai serf serif set seta si sift sifter sir sire sit sitar site sr sri stag stage stager stagier staig stair star stare stir strafe stria striae strife ta tae tag tags tar tare tares targe targes tars tarsi tas te tea tear tears teas teg tegs terai terais teras terga ti tie tier tiers ties tiger tigers tire tires tis tragi tref triage triages tries trig trigs tsar

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