2 Definitions of Grampus

The meaning of the word grampus, the definition of Grampus:

n. - A toothed delphinoid cetacean, of the genus Grampus, esp. G. griseus of Europe and America, which is valued for its oil. It grows to be fifteen to twenty feet long; its color is gray with white streaks. Called also cowfish. The California grampus is G. Stearnsii.

n. - A kind of tongs used in a bloomery.

The word "grampus" uses 7 letters: A G M P R S U

No direct anagrams for grampus found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after grampus, or to grampus in any order:

k - pugmarks  

Shorter words found within grampus:

ag am amp amps amu amus ar argus arm arms ars arum arums as asp gam gamp gamps gams gap gaps gar gars gas gasp gaum gaums gaur gaurs gm gram gramp gramps grams grasp grum grump grumps guar guars gum gums ma mag mags magus map maps mar mars mas mg ms mu mug mugs mura muras mus pa pam pams par pars pas pram prams prau praus pug pugs puma pumas pur purs pus rag rags ram ramp ramps rams ramus rap raps ras rasp rpm rug ruga rugs rum rump rumps rums sag sagum samp sap sau smug spa spam spar sprag sprug spur sr sugar sum sump sup supra sura um ump umps up upas ups ursa us

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