6 Definitions of Greasy

The meaning of the word greasy, the definition of Greasy:

superl. - Composed of, or characterized by, grease; oily; unctuous; as, a greasy dish.

superl. - Smeared or defiled with grease.

superl. - Like grease or oil; smooth; seemingly unctuous to the touch, as is mineral soapstone.

superl. - Fat of body; bulky.

superl. - Gross; indelicate; indecent.

superl. - Affected with the disease called grease; as, the heels of a horse. See Grease, n., 2.

The word "greasy" uses 6 letters: A E G R S Y

Direct anagrams of greasy:

gyrase yagers

Words formed by adding one letter before or after greasy, or to greasy in any order:

l - argyles   s - gyrases   t - grayest gyrates   v - garveys  

Shorter words found within greasy:

ae aery ag age ager agers ages ar are ares ars arse as ay aye ayes ays ear ears easy er era eras erg ergs ers es eyas eyra eyras gae gaes gar gars gas gay gayer gays gear gears gey gray grays grey greys gyre gyres rag rage rages rags ras rase ray rays re reg regs res resay rya ryas rye ryes sae sag sage sager sagy sarge say sayer sea sear seg ser sera sr ya yager yar yare ye yea year years yeas yes yr

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