11 Definitions of Great

The meaning of the word great, the definition of Great:

n. - The whole; the gross; as, a contract to build a ship by the great.

superl. - Large in space; of much size; big; immense; enormous; expanded; -- opposed to small and little; as, a great house, ship, farm, plain, distance, length.

superl. - Large in number; numerous; as, a great company, multitude, series, etc.

superl. - Long continued; lengthened in duration; prolonged in time; as, a great while; a great interval.

superl. - Superior; admirable; commanding; -- applied to thoughts, actions, and feelings.

superl. - Endowed with extraordinary powers; uncommonly gifted; able to accomplish vast results; strong; powerful; mighty; noble; as, a great hero, scholar, genius, philosopher, etc.

superl. - Holding a chief position; elevated: lofty: eminent; distingushed; foremost; principal; as, great men; the great seal; the great marshal, etc.

superl. - Entitled to earnest consideration; weighty; important; as, a great argument, truth, or principle.

superl. - Pregnant; big (with young).

superl. - More than ordinary in degree; very considerable in degree; as, to use great caution; to be in great pain.

superl. - Older, younger, or more remote, by single generation; -- often used before grand to indicate one degree more remote in the direct line of descent; as, great-grandfather (a grandfather's or a grandmother's father), great-grandson, etc.

The word "great" uses 5 letters: A E G R T

Direct anagrams of great:

grate retag targe terga

Words formed by adding one letter before or after great, or to great in any order:

d - grated   e - ergate   g - garget tagger   h - gather   i - aigret gaiter triage   l - tergal   n - argent garnet   o - garote orgeat   p - parget   r - garret garter grater   s - gaster grates greats retags stager targes   t - target   u - rugate   y - gyrate  

Shorter words found within great:

ae ag age ager ar are art at ate ear eat er era erg et eta gae gar gat gate gear get geta grat rag rage rat rate re reg ret ta tae tag tar tare te tea tear teg

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