2 Definitions of Grison

The meaning of the word grison, the definition of Grison:

n. - A South American animal of the family Mustelidae (Galictis vittata). It is about two feet long, exclusive of the tail. Its under parts are black. Also called South American glutton.

n. - A South American monkey (Lagothrix infumatus), said to be gluttonous.

The word "grison" uses 6 letters: G I N O R S

Direct anagrams of grison:

girons groins rosing signor soring

Words formed by adding one letter before or after grison, or to grison in any order:

a - origans signora soaring   b - borings sorbing   c - scoring   e - eringos ignores regions signore   g - gringos   h - horsing shoring   i - origins signior signori   n - snoring sorning   o - roosing   p - prosing sporing   s - grisons signors sorings   t - sorting storing trigons   u - rousing souring   v - rovings   w - rowings   y - signory  

Shorter words found within grison:

gin gins girn girns giro giron giros go gor gos grin grins groin in inro ins ion ions iron irons is ng no nog nogs noir noirs nor nori noris nos on ons or ornis ors os rig rigs rin ring rings rins rosin si sign sin sing sir snog so son song sori sorn sr sri

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