2 Definitions of Haricot

The meaning of the word haricot, the definition of Haricot:

n. - A ragout or stew of meat with beans and other vegetables.

n. - The ripe seeds, or the unripe pod, of the common string bean (Phaseolus vulgaris), used as a vegetable. Other species of the same genus furnish different kinds of haricots.

The word "haricot" uses 7 letters: A C H I O R T

Direct anagrams of haricot:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after haricot, or to haricot in any order:

c - thoracic trochaic   l - acrolith   n - anorthic   p - atrophic   s - actorish chariots haricots   v - tovarich  

Shorter words found within haricot:

act actor ah ai air airt airth ait aitch aortic ar arc arch arco art at car cart cat chair chao char chart chat chi chia chiao chiro chit choir ci ciao coat coati coir cor coria cot crith ha hair hao hart hat hi hic hit ho hoar hora hot hr ic ich ichor iota ira it itch oar oat oath oca oh ohia or ora orach orc orca ort otc otic rah rat ratch rath ratio rato rho ria rich riot roach roc rot rota rotch roti ta tach taco tahr tao tar taro taroc thio thir tho thoria thoric thro ti tic tiro to tor tora torah torc torch tori toric triac trio

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