1 Definitions of Holster

The meaning of the word holster, the definition of Holster:

n. - A leather case for a pistol, carried by a horseman at the bow of his saddle.

The word "holster" uses 7 letters: E H L O R S T

Direct anagrams of holster:


Words formed by adding one letter before or after holster, or to holster in any order:

a - loathers ratholes   b - brothels   c - chortles   e - hosteler   s - holsters hostlers   t - throstle   w - whortles   y - hostelry  

Shorter words found within holster:

eh el els er eros ers erst es et eth ethos eths he helo helos helot helots her herl herls hero heros hers hes hest het hets hl ho hoe hoer hoers hoes hole holes hols holt holts horse horst horste hose hosel host hostel hot hotel hotels hots hr lehr lehrs lerot lest let lets lo lore lores lose loser lost lot loth lots oe oes oh ohs ole oles or ore ores orle orles ors ort orts os ose ostler other others re res resh reshot rest ret rets rho rhos roe roes role roles rose roset rot rote rotes rotl rotls rots sel ser set sh she sheol shoe shoer shore shorl short shot shote sloe slot sloth so soh sol sole sore sorel sort sot soth sr sterol stole store te tel telos tels the tho thole tholes those thro throe throes to toe toes tole toles tor tore tores tors torse tosh

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