11 Definitions of Housing

The meaning of the word housing, the definition of Housing:

n. - The act of putting or receiving under shelter; the state of dwelling in a habitation.

n. - That which shelters or covers; houses, taken collectively.

n. - The space taken out of one solid, to admit the insertion of part of another, as the end of one timber in the side of another.

n. - A niche for a statue.

n. - A frame or support for holding something in place, as journal boxes, etc.

n. - That portion of a mast or bowsprit which is beneath the deck or within the vessel.

n. - A covering or protection, as an awning over the deck of a ship when laid up.

n. - A houseline. See Houseline.

n. - A cover or cloth for a horse's saddle, as an ornamental or military appendage; a saddlecloth; a horse cloth; in plural, trappings.

n. - An appendage to the hames or collar of a harness.

p. pr. & vb. n. - of House

The word "housing" uses 7 letters: G H I N O S U

No direct anagrams for housing found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after housing, or to housing in any order:

c - chousing hocusing   g - soughing   s - housings   t - shouting southing   y - youngish  

Shorter words found within housing:

ghi ghis gin gins gnu gnus go gos gosh gun guns gush hg hi hin hins his hisn ho hog hogs hon hong hongs hons hosing hug hugs hun hung huns in ins ion ions is ng nigh nighs no nog nogs noh nos nosh nous nu nus oh ohing ohs on ons onus os sh shin shog shogi shogun shun si sigh sign sin sing sinh snog snug so soh son song sou sough sugh sugi suing sun sung ugh ughs uh un uns us using

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