3 Definitions of Ignominious

The meaning of the word ignominious, the definition of Ignominious:

a. - Marked with ignominy; in curring public disgrace; dishonorable; shameful.

a. - Deserving ignominy; despicable.

a. - Humiliating; degrading; as, an ignominious judgment or sentence.

The word "ignominious" uses 11 letters: G I I I M N N O O S U

No direct anagrams for ignominious found in our database.

Shorter words found within ignominious:

gin gins gismo gm gnomon gnomons gnu gnus go gonion gonium goo goon goons goos gos gum gums gun guns ii iii imino in inion inions inn inns ins ion ionising ionium ioniums ions is ism isogon mg mi mig mignon mignons migs min mini mining minings minion minions minis minus mis miso misunion mo mog mogs mon mongo mongos mono monos mons moo mooing moon mooning moons moos mos mousing ms mu mug mugs mun mung mungo mungos muni munis muns muon muons mus musing ng nim nimious nims nisi nm no nog nogs noising nom nomoi nomos noms non noo noon noons noosing nos nosing noun nouns nous nu nun nuns nus om ominous oms on onion onions onium ons onus os si sign sim simoon sin sing smog smug snog snug so som son song soon sou sugi suing sum sumo sun sung sunn um un union unionism unions unison uns us using

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