1 Definitions of Immunodeficiency

The meaning of the word immunodeficiency, the definition of Immunodeficiency:

noun.state - immunological disorder in which some part of the body's immune system is inadequate and resistance to infectious diseases is reduced

The word "immunodeficiency" uses 16 letters: C C D E E F I I I M M N N O U Y

No direct anagrams for immunodeficiency found in our database.

Shorter words found within immunodeficiency:

cc cd cecum cede cedi cee cf ci cine cion cm cod code codec codein codeine coden codify coed coif coifed coin coincide coined come comedic comedy comfy comic commence commenced commend commie commune communed commy con concede condemn conduce cone coned coney confide confidence confine confined coni conic conidium coniine conin conine conium conn conned cony coude coy coyed cud cue cued cuif cum cumin cummin cyme cymene cymoid cynic de dec decency decennium deco decoy dee deem defi deficiency define defy deice deific deify deme demo demon demonic demy den dene deni denim denounce deny deuce dey dice dicey die diene dim dime din dine dioecy dm do doc doe dom dome domic domine dominee dominie dominium don done donee donne donnee douce doum doyen doyenne duce duci due dui dummy dun dunce dune duo duomi dye dyne dynein ecdemic ecocide ecu ecumenic ed edenic edifice edify educe ef eide em eme emend emeu emf emic eminency emodin emu emyd emyde en encode encomium end endemic endue enemy ennui ennuye enounce enounced eon eudemon eudemonic eye eyed eyen eyne fecund fed fee feed fem feme feminie feminine femme fen fence fenced fend fennec fenny feod feu feud feued fey fice ficin fico fid fido fie fiend fin find fine fined finned finny fino foci foe foemen foin foined fon fond fondu fondue fou found foy fuci fucoid fud fume fumed fumy fun fund fundi fundic funned funny fyce ic ice iced icemen icon iconic icy id idem idiocy idiom ie if ii iii imid imide imidic imido imine imino imminence imminency immune immy in incidence income incony indecency indemnify indene indicium indie indium induce indue infecund info inion inn inned iodic iodin iodine ion ionic ionium me meconium med medic medicine medico medii medium meed mei meinie meiny mem meme memo men mend meno menu meou meoued mi mice mid midi mien mim mime mimed mimeo mimeoed mimic min mince minced mincy mind mine mined mini minified minify minim minion minium minny minuend mm mnemonic mo moc mod mode modem modi modicum modify mom mome momi mon monde money moneyed moneymen monie monied mony moue mound mu mucid mucin mucinoid mucoid mud mum mun muni munificence muon muonic my mym myoid ne nee need needy neem neif nene neo neodymium neomycin neon neoned neum neume neumic nice nide nidi nidify niece nim nimmed nine nm no nod node nodi nom nome nomen nominee non nonce none noun nu nude nudie numen nun nuncio od ode odeum odic odium oe oecumenic of oidium om omen omened omnific on once oncidium one onium oud ounce oy udo um umm un unci uncini unco uncoined uncomic uncoy unde undee undine undo undone undy unfed unfence unfenced unfond unific unified unify union unmined ye yen yenned yeomen yid yin yince yo yod yom yomim yon yond yoni yonic you yum

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