1 Definitions of Imperfectly

The meaning of the word imperfectly, the definition of Imperfectly:

adv.all - in an imperfect or faulty way

The word "imperfectly" uses 11 letters: C E E F I L M P R T Y

No direct anagrams for imperfectly found in our database.

Shorter words found within imperfectly:

cee ceil ceiler cel celerity celery celt cep cepe cere cerite cermet cert certify cete cf ci cire cite citer city cl clef cleft clepe clept clift clime clip clipt clit clypei cm creel creep creepily creepy creme crepe crepey crept crepy crime crimp crimple crimpy cripe cry crypt cyme cypre ectype eel eely eerily eery ef eft el elect electrify elemi elf elite elm elmier elmy em eme emery emetic emf emic emir emit empery empire emptier emptily empty epic epimer er ere erect erectly et etic eye eyer eyre eyrie fee feel feet felt fem feme fer fere ferity ferlie ferly fermi fertile fet fete fey feyer fice fie fierce fiercely fiery fil file filer filet film filmer filmy filter fir fire firm firmly fit fitly flee fleecy fleer fleet fley flic flier flip flirt flirty flit flite fly flyer flyte flytier free freely fret frit fry ft fyce ic ice icy ie if il imp impel imperfect imply ire it item lcm lee leer leery leet left lefter lefty lei leper lept let ley li lice lie lief liefer lier life lifer lift lifter lime limey limp limper limpet limy lip lipe lire lit lite liter litre lm lycee lye lyre lyric lytic me meet meetly mei mel melic melt melter mercy mere merely merit merl merle met mete meter metic metier metre metric metrify mi mice mil mile miler milt milter milty mir mire miry mite miter mitre mity ml my mycele myelic myrtle pct pe pec pee peel peer peery pel pele pelf pelite pelmet pelt pelter peltry per perfect perfectly peri peril perlite perm permit pert pertly pet peter petrel petrify peytrel pi pic pice pie piece piecer pier pierce piety pile pilfer pily pit pity plie plier ply plyer pree prefect prefile prelect prelife prelim premie prey price pricey pricy prim prime primely primly pry pye pyemic pyic pyre pyretic pyric pyrite re rec receipt recept recipe recite recti rectify ree reef reefy reel reemit ref refect refel refelt refile refilm refit reflect reflet refly reft rei reif reify relet relic relict relief relit rely rem remelt remet remit rep repel reply reptile ret rete retem reticle retie retile retime retype rice riel rif rife rifely rifle rift rile riley rim rime rimple rimy rip ripe ripely rite rpm rye te tec tee teel teem tel tele telfer telic temp temper tempi temple tepefy terce tercel term termly ti tic tie tier tierce tiercel til tile tiler time timely timer tip tire tirl tree tref trey trice trifle trim trimly trip tripe triple triply try tye tyee tyer type typic typier tyre yclept ye yelp yelper yep yet yeti yip yipe ylem yperite yr

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