2 Definitions of Implication

The meaning of the word implication, the definition of Implication:

n. - The act of implicating, or the state of being implicated.

n. - An implying, or that which is implied, but not expressed; an inference, or something which may fairly be understood, though not expressed in words.

The word "implication" uses 11 letters: A C I I I L M N O P T

No direct anagrams for implication found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after implication, or to implication in any order:

s - implications  

Shorter words found within implication:

acini act actin action ai ail aim ain aioli ait al alit alnico aloin alp alt alto am ami amici amin aminic amino amnic amnio amniotic amp an ani anil animi anomic ant anti antic aplitic apomict apt at atm atom atomic atonic atop atopic caimito cain calm calo cam camion camo camp campi campion campo can cant canto cap capitol caplin capo capon caption cat cation catlin catnip ci ciao cilia ciliation cion cipolin citola cl claim clam clamp clan clap clapt clip clipt clit clomp clon clop clot cm coal coalpit coapt coat coati coil coin coital col cola colin colt coltan coma comal comitia comitial comp complain complaint compliant complin compt con coni conima cop copal copalm cot cotan ic icon ictal ii iii il ilia iliac imino imp impact impaction impaint impi implant implicit impolitic in inapt incipit inclip inia inimical initial inti intima intimal into ion ionic iota it italic la lac laic lain lam lamp lampion lap lapin lat lati latino lcm li licit lii liii lima limacon liman limina limit limn limnic limo limonitic limp limpa lin linac lino lint lion lip lipa lipin lipoma lit litai lm lo loam loan loca loci loin lop lot lota loti lotic ma mac macon mail main maintop malic maloti malt man manic manioc manito mano mantic map mat matin mi mica mil milia militia milo milpa milt min mina mini mint miotic ml mo moa moan moat moc moil mol mola molt mon monal monilia mop mot motilin na nail nam naoi nap nicol nil nim nip nipa nit nm no noil nom noma nomia nopal not nota notal oat oca octal octan oil oilcamp oilcan oilman ola olm om omit on ontic op opal opt optic optical optician optima optimal otc otic pa pac pact paction pail pain paint pal palm palmitin pam pan panic pant panto pat patin patio pct pi pia pial pian pianic piano pic pica pical picolin picot pili pilot pima pin pina pinitol pinot pint pinta pintail pinto pion pionic pit pita pitman piton plain plaint plait plan plant plat platinic platonic pliant plica plication plot poi point pol politic politician pom pontil pot potamic potman ptomain ta taco tail tain talc tali talion talon tam tamp tampion tampon tan tao tap ti tic tical til timpani timpano tin tincal tip tipi to toil tola tolan tom toman ton tonal tonic top topi topic topical

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