1 Definitions of Impuissance

The meaning of the word impuissance, the definition of Impuissance:

n. - Lack of power; inability.

The word "impuissance" uses 11 letters: A C E I I M N P S S U

No direct anagrams for impuissance found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after impuissance, or to impuissance in any order:

s - impuissances  

Shorter words found within impuissance:

ace aces acini acinus acme acmes acne acnes acumen acumens ae aecium ai aim aims ain ains ais am amen amens ami amice amices amici amicus amie amies amin amine amines aminic amins amis amiss amnesic amnesics amnic amp amps amu amus amuse amuses an ane anemic anes ani anime animes animi animis animise animus animuses anis anise anises anisic anus anuses ape apes apices apneic apse apses apsis as asci ascus asp aspen aspens aspic aspics aspis asps ass assume auspice auspices caesium caesiums cain cains cam came cames camise camises camp campi campiness camps campus campuses cams can cane canes cans cap cape capes caps case casein caseins cases casini cassie casus cause causes census cep ceps cesium cesiums cess ci cine cinema cinemas cines cis cm cps cue cues cuisine cuisines cuisse cum cumin cumins cup cups cusp cuspis cusps cuss eau ecu ecus em emic ems emu emus en encamp encamps ens epic epics episcia episcias es escapism ess ic ice iceman ices iciness ie ii imine imines imp impasse impi impis imps in incase incases incise incises incus incuse incuses inia ins inscape inscapes inseam inseams is ism isms issei issuance issue ma mac mace maces macs mae maes main mains man mane manes manic manics mans manse manses manus map maps mas mass masse maun me mean means mei men menisci meniscus mensa mensas menu menus mesa mesas mesian mesic mess messan messianic mi mica micas mice mien miens min mina minae minas mince minces mine mines mini minis minus minuses mis miscue miscues mise mises mispen mispens miss misspace misuse ms msec mu mucin mucins mun muni munis muns mus musca muscae muse muses music musician musicians musics muss na nae nam name names nap nape napes naps napu ne neap neaps nema nemas ness neum neumic neums nice nim nims nip nipa nipas nips nisei niseis nisi nisus nm nu nus pa pac pace paces pacs pain pains paise pam pams pan pane panes panic panics panicum panicums pans pansies pas pase pases pass passe passim pause pauses pe pea pean peans peas pec pecan pecans pecs pein peins pemican pemicans pen penis pens pes pi pia pian pianic pianism pianisms pians pias pic pica picas pice pics pie pies pima pimas pin pina pinas pine pines pins pis piscina piscinae piscinas piscine piss piu pneuma pneumas psi psis puce puces puisne puisnes puissance puma pumas pumice pumices pun puna punas punic puns pus puses puss sac sacs sae saice saices saimin saimins sain sains same samisen samp samps sane sanes sanies sans sansei sap sapiens saps sasin sau sauce sauces scam scamp scampi scampies scamps scams scan scans scape scapes scaup scaups scena scenas scum scums scup scups sea seam seams seas sec secs sei seis seisin seism seismic semi semina semis sen sens sensa sensum sepia sepias sepic si sic sice sices sics sim sima simas simian simians simp simps sims sin sinapism since sine sines sins sinus sip sipe sipes sips sis sise snap snaps sneap sneaps snip snipe snipes snips spa space spaces spae spaes spam spams span spans spas spasm spean speans spec specs spic spica spicae spicas spice spices spics spies spin spine spines spins spue spues spume spumes spun sue sues sum sumac sumacs sump sumps sums sun suns sup supe supes supine supines sups um umiac umiacs ump umps un unai unais uncap uncaps uncase uncases unci uncia unciae uns unseam unseams up upas upases ups us usance usances use uses usnea usneas

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