5 Definitions of Incarnation

The meaning of the word incarnation, the definition of Incarnation:

n. - The act of clothing with flesh, or the state of being so clothed; the act of taking, or being manifested in, a human body and nature.

n. - The union of the second person of the Godhead with manhood in Christ.

n. - An incarnate form; a personification; a manifestation; a reduction to apparent from; a striking exemplification in person or act.

n. - A rosy or red color; flesh color; carnation.

n. - The process of healing wounds and filling the part with new flesh; granulation.

The word "incarnation" uses 11 letters: A A C I I N N N O R T

No direct anagrams for incarnation found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after incarnation, or to incarnation in any order:

s - incarnations  

Shorter words found within incarnation:

aa acari acinar acini acorn act acta actin actinia actinian actinon action actor ai ain air airn airt ait an ana ancon ani anion anionic anna annon anoa anoint anon ant anta anti antiair antiar antiarin antic anticar antra aorta aortic ar arc arco arctan aria arnica aroint art at atar atonia atonic atria cain cairn can canna cannon cannot canon cant cantina canto canton cantor car carat carina carn carnation carotin cart carton cat cation ci ciao cion cirio citrin citron coat coati coin coir con coni conin conn contain contra cor coria corn cortin cortina cot cotan cran crania craton crinion iatric ic icon ii in inaction incant inia inion inn inro inti into intro intron ion ionic iota ira iron ironic it na naan naiant naira nan nana nanna naoi narc narco naric nation natron niacin nicotiana nicotin ninon nit niton nitric nitro no noir non nona nonart nor nori noria noritic not nota oar oat oca ocarina octan on ontic or ora orc orca orcin ort otc otic racon raia rain raincoat raita ran rani rant rat ratan ratio ration rato ria riant riata ricin rin riot roan roc rot rota roti ta taco tain taira tan tannia tannic tannin tao tar tarn taro taroc ti tiara tic tin tiro to ton tonic tor tora torc tori toric torii torn train triac trio trona

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