1 Definitions of Inconvertibility

The meaning of the word inconvertibility, the definition of Inconvertibility:

n. - The quality or state of being inconvertible; not capable of being exchanged for, or converted into, something else; as, the inconvertibility of an irredeemable currency, or of lead, into gold.

The word "inconvertibility" uses 16 letters: B C E I I I I L N N O R T T V Y

No direct anagrams for inconvertibility found in our database.

Shorter words found within inconvertibility:

be bel belt ben benni benny bent bentonitic berlin beryl bet beton betony bettor bevor bevy bey beylic bi bice bicorn bicorne bicron bier bile bin bine binit binocle bint bio biolytic bionic biont biontic biotic biotin biotite biotitic birl birle bit bite biter bitt bitten bitter bitterly bittern bittie bittier bitty bivinyl blenny blent blet blin blini bliny blite blivet bloc blot blotter blottier blotty bo boil boiler boite bole boleti bolt bolter bolti bonce bone boner boney bonier bonne bonnet bonnie bonnier bonnily bonny bony bore boric born borne bornite bort borty bot botel bott bottle bottler bovine bovinely bovinity boy bren brent brevity bricole brie brin brine briny brio briony brit britt brittle brittly bro broil bronc by bye byline byliner byre byrl byrnie byte ceibo ceil cel celt cent cento ceorl cero cert ci cibol cine cineol cinerin cion cire cirio cite citer citole citrin citrine citrinin citron cittern city cive civet civie civil civility cl client cline clit clitter clon clone cloner clot clotty clove cloven clover cloy clv cob coble coil coiler coin coiner cointer coinvent coir col cole colin colt colter coly con cone coney coni coniine conin conine conn conner connive conniver conte content contrite contritely contrive convent convert convertibility convertibly convey cony cor corbeil corbel corbie corby core corn cornel cornet cornily corny cortin corvet corvine cory cot cote cotter cottier cove coven cover covert covertly covet covey covin coy coyer cretin crib crinion crinite crinoline crone crony crottle cry cryolite cv cytol cyton ebon ebony el elicit elicitor elint eloin elytron en enol enolic enrol entity entoil entric entry environ envoi envoy envy eon er ern erotic ervil et etic evict eviction evictor evil ic ice icier icily icon icy ie ii iii il in inborn inby inbye incite inciter incitive incivil incivility incline incliner inconvertibly incony inert inertly inion inlet inlier inly inn inner innerly inro intent intently inter intercity interionic intern inti intine intitle into intone intoner intort intro introit intron invent inventor inventory inverity invert invincible invincibly invirile invite inviter invoice iolite ion ionic ionicity ire irenic iritic iron irone ironic irony it iv ivory ivy lb lectin lection lector lei lenition lenity leno lent lentic lento lerot let lev levin levity levo levy ley li lib liber liberty libretti libretto libri lice licit lictor lie lien lier lii liii lin line linen lineny liner liney linier linin linn linnet lino lint linter lintier linty liny lion lionet lire liri lirot lit lite liter litotic litre litten litter litterbin littery liv live liveborn liven liver livery livier livre livyer lo lob lobe loci loin loir loiter lone loner lore lorn lory lot loti lotic lotte lottery love lover lv lvi lvii lviii lye lyre lyric lytic ne neb neo neon neritic nerol neroli nervily nervy net nett nettly netty nevi nib nice nicely nicer nicety nicol nicotin nicotine nil nine niner ninety niobic niobite nit nite niter nitery nitinol niton nitre nitric nitril nitrile nitrite nitro nitrolic nittier nitty no nob nobility noble nobler nobly nocent noel noetic noil noily noir non nonce none nonet nontitle nonyl nor nori norite noritic not note noter notice noticer novel novelty novice nylon obe obeli obey obi obit obtect obvert octet octyl oe oil oiler oilier oily ole oleic olein olive olivine olivinic olivinitic on once one oneiric onery online only ontic or orb orbit orby orc orcein orcin ore oribi oriel orient orle ort otc otic otitic otter oven over overlit overly overt overtly ovine oy oyer rbi re reb reboil rec recoil recoin recon recti recto rei rein relic relict reliction relit rely renin rent renvoi reoil ret retinol retint rev revolt rib riblet rice ricin riel rile riley rilievi rilievo rin riot rite rive riven rivet rob robe robin roble roc roe roil roily role ronnel rot rote roti rotl rotte rotten rottenly rove roven rye ryot te tec tel telco telic teloi ten tenno tenon tenor tent tenty terbic tern ternion tet tetri tetryl ti tic tie tier til tile tiler tilt tilter tin tinct tine tinier tinily tinner tinnier tinnily tinny tint tinter tiny tire tirl tiro tit titer titi title titre tivy tiyin to toby toe toil toile toiler toilet toiletry toit tole ton tone toner tonetic toney tonic tonicity tonier tonlet tonne tonner tontine tony tor torc tore tori toric torii torn tort torte torten tortile tory tot tote toter toy toyer trebly tret tretinoin trey tribe trice tricot tricotine trilby trilobite trine trinity trio triol triolein triolet trite tritely triton tritone trivet troilite trone trot trotline trotyl trove troy try tv tye tyer tyin tyne tyre tyro tyronic vector veil vein veiny velcro velocity venin vent verb verily verity vert verticil very vet veto vi vibe vibrio vibrion vibrionic vibronic vice viceroy vicinity victor victory vie vier vii viii vile viler vincible vincibly vine vinery vinic vinier vino vintner viny vinyl vinylic viol violent violet violin vireo virile virility virino virion virl vitric vitrine vitriol vitriolic vittle voe voice voicer voile vole volery volt volte volti vorticity vote voter ye yen yet yeti yett yin yince yo yob yon yoni yonic yore yr ytterbic yttric

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