2 Definitions of Indisposition

The meaning of the word indisposition, the definition of Indisposition:

n. - The state of being indisposed; disinclination; as, the indisposition of two substances to combine.

n. - A slight disorder or illness.

The word "indisposition" uses 13 letters: D I I I I N N O O P S S T

No direct anagrams for indisposition found in our database.

Words formed by adding one letter before or after indisposition, or to indisposition in any order:

s - indispositions  

Shorter words found within indisposition:

din dins dint dints dioon dip dips dipso dipsos dipt dis disposition diss dit dits do doit doits don dons dos doss dost dot dots id idiot idiots ids ii iii in inion inions inn inns ins insipid insist inst inti intis into iodin iodins iodopsin iodopsins ion ions is isopod isopods isospin it its nidi nip nips nisi nit nitid niton nitons nits no nod nodi nods non nonstop noo noon noons nos not notion notions od odist odists ods on onion onions ons onto oops oot ootid ootids oots op opinion opinions opioid opioids ops opsin opsins opsonin opsonins opt option options opts os pi pin pinion pinions pinon pinons pinot pinots pins pint pinto pintos pints pion pions pis piso pisos piss piston pistons pit piton pitons pits pod pods poi poind poinds point points pois poison poisons pond ponds pons ponton pontons pood poods poon poons posit position positions posits post postin postins posts pot potion potions pots psi psis psst ptosis si sin sinopis sins sip sips sis sit sits snip snips snit snits snood snoods snoop snoops snoot snoots snot snots so sod sods son sons soon soot soots sop sops sos sot sots spin spins spinto spintos spit spits sponsion sponson spoon spoons spot spots stood stoop stoops stop stops ti tin tins tinsnips tip tipi tipis tips tis to tod tods ton tondi tondo tondos tons too toon toons top topi topis topoi topos tops toss

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